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Restoring Your Healthy Relationships with Food, Others, & Self

Sugar Detoxing

Dominated by cravings,  inflammation, mood swings, and fatigue? Let’s talk about how you can overcome these obstacles and lead a life of victory over sugar. Sugar addiction is one of the leading causes of obesity and death in the United States. Let me help you take back your life one craving at a time.

Food Relationship Coaching

Emotional and generational eating often have deep roots. They can lead to mental distress, heart disease, obesity, and so much more. Together let’s stop the cycle and get you on the road to mindful freedom.


Finding Balance and Cooking at Home

You struggle with creating a healthy balance, but you don’t know what to cook, or even more, you detest the thought of cooking.  Finding a happy medium can seem like a chore. However, here you have found the light of hope. Your days of walking the tight rope between health and balance are over.
Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

What is a Holistic Relationship Health & Wellness Coach

A Holistic Relationship Health & Wellness Coach caters to the whole person. The body desires to be in harmonious relationship with itself. It is made as one unit, therefore if there is a problem with one part of the body the entire body feels the effects.

As a holistic coach, my goal is to get your body back to the harmony that it desires. I use treatments and modalities that are holistic in nature, such as food, saunas, mental healing exercises, and more to help the body naturally heal itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this program stand out? Do you help with healing the mind and body?

Unlike conventional thought and ways of treating illness and disease, the holistic approach views the body as one unit, not segmented or compartmentalized units.

The mind is an integral component in assisting the body to heal itself and vice versa. Both need to be incorporated into the treatment plan. Therefore when developing a treatment plan to help the body heal, all aspects of a person must be considered.

The goal is to assist the body in healing itself, not just to rid the body of symptoms. For this reason, no two plans are identical, because no two people are alike.

Who else in my circle has to be involved?

As a Holistic Relationship Health and Wellness Coach, I delve into the root cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. Therefore the people and environments that surround you are instrumental to your wellness. The more people you have that support your wellness, the easier and quicker healing will occur. However, only those you choose to be involved in your treatment plan are incorporated.

Do you offer a meal prep service?

Meal planning and meal prep are all the rage and with good reason. They help you focus on the better foods and eliminate the those that are not conducive to healing. Not to mention both help you save time and money.

I do not offer a specific meal planning or meal prep service, however, I do teach my clients how to quickly and easily do this for themselves and their families. The education and implementation of meal prepping is vital for many of my clients to achieve and maintain their goal of healthy living. Therefore through group or individual coaching each client understands how to do this for themselves and sees how quickly it can be done, while saving time, sanity, and money.

My goal is by coaching one family member the entire family will be brought together in wellness.

Do you work with children?

Yes. I work with families, in particular women and children. My mission is to bring the family back to the table by restoring healthy relationships with food, others, and self. The best time to begin fostering healthy relationships is when we are young.

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

Do you want to reach your fullest potential?
Coaching is the fast track to helping you achieve your goals without having to figure it all out yourself.
You want change but feel stuck.
Coaching helps you break through your stumbling blocks of fear, apathy, and confusion.
You want to do more than talk about what you want to achieve. You want to finally take action.
Coaching allows you the freedom to take action quickly and consistently to create noticeable change within your life.
It's been awhile since you have had a cheerleader in your corner.
Having someone in your corner to encourage you and inspire the hero inside of you gives you the courage to go beyond what you thought you could achieve.
Your life is like a juggling act. You need a systems manager.
Coaching shows you how to put systems in place to help you manage your life and have a life all at the same time.

My Approach

Every person is an original with a unique composition and specialized need. There is no one size fits all cookie-cutter prescription. Each person receives an initial needs assessment based on his or her situation and condition. From that session, we form a health & wellness treatment program specific to the needs addressed.

I work independent and alongside healthcare professionals to assist in the continuity of your care.  

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Here you will have a free 30-minute needs assessment session, where we will talk about your current condition(s) and goal(s) you would like to work on and move toward.

Choose a Coaching Plan

The results of the 1:1 will help determine which coaching plan is right for you. All coaching plans are customizable to suit your needs both in the present and to help you attain your future objectives.

Reach Your Goals

We work together in tandem with your healthcare provider to ensure you stay on track.  To achieve success, accountability, support, and education are necessary tools for your wellness long after your personalized coaching experience ends.

Group Coaching

Looking for budget-friendly coaching in a small intimate group atmosphere?

Our group coaching sessions are purposefully personalized to give you the quality and attention you deserve at price that is easy on your budget.

One-on-one Coaching

Sometimes you may have issues that cannot be comfortably addressed in a group setting. We have tailored coaching that will help you dig deep and get to the root of the dilemma and not just address or pacify symptoms, so you can get back to living and getting the most out of your life.


Do you:

  • Want to learn how to cook, or at least look like you know your way around the kitchen?
  • Want to discover how to create healthy alternatives and budget-friendly meals?
  • Yearn to have an eating style that is designed for optimal health?
Then our cooking classes are for you.

Sugar Detox/

Food Relationship Coaching

  • Are you tired of the fatigue/insomnia merry-go-round?
  • Do you battle with things like weight gain, sugar cravings, inflammation or mood swings?
  • You know you need a change but don’t know where to start?

Then our Sugar Detox Program could be the answer for which you have been looking.

Liver Detox Prep

  • Are you suffering from mood swings, acne, or acid reflux?
  • Have you tried everything to lose weight and nothing has worked?
  • Do you feel sluggish and lack focus?

It could be your liver. Acquire the essential tools needed to kickstart your liver so you can jumpstart your weight loss journey, and restore your health.

CGE BrUNCH Membership

  • Do you struggle to create a variety of meals for your family, but every time you make your latests masterpiece meal, no one comes to the table?
  • Are you tired of going to a million different places for dependable knowledge about your health and wellness, which leaves you frustrated and increases your anxiety?
  • Imagine what it will be like to have your own personal holistic health coach at your fingertips every day to walk you through the sea of misinformation, restoring your time and relieving your anxiety. 
  • How would that impact your life and your relationships?

With our CGE BrUNCH Membership, you can make that dream a reality.

Sugar Detox Group Coaching Package

You have an issue with cravings, weight management, and emotional attachment? Does fatigue, inflammation, and brain fog, seem to be taking over your life? The CGE Sugar Detox Group Coaching program is just what you need.

*Group detox pricing is per person

More Details
Our detox coaching programs include:

  • Daily step by step instruction
  • Nutritional information
  • Meal Plan Placement Indicator
  • Food substitutions
  • Hands on weekly virtual group sessions
  • And more

*Group classes are priced per person with a 3 person minimum.

3 Month Coaching Package

All of our coaching programs include:

Video coaching, your choice of group or one-on-one coaching, and opportunity for hands-on learning. All of our programs are fully customizable based on your needs.

More Details
Our coaching programs include:

  • Allergy-Friendly Coaching

  • Healthy Eating Coaching

  • CGE Sugar Detox Program

  • Food Relationship Coaching

*All programs are customizable

6 Month Coaching Package

All of our coaching programs include:

Video coaching, your choice of group or one-on-one coaching, and opportunity for hands-on learning. All of our programs are fully customizable based on your needs.

More Details
Our coaching programs include:

  • Allergy-Friendly Coaching

  • Healthy Eating Coaching

  • CGE Sugar Detox Program

  • Food Relationship Coaching

*All programs are customizable

Still Have Questions?